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Second Round of Book Recommendations- 2020

Originally Published 12/28/2020

I am a book snob. It’s true. BUT- I am only a snob about GOOD WRITING. Otherwise, I’ll read just about anything. Not every book has to change my life. The majority of books that I read are for sheer entertainment. So here are the books that I read in 2020 that were well written and entertaining. I’m including a quote from a few of them as well.


The girl who chased the moon- Sarah Allen Addison

(I love anything she writes. I love how she plays with senses)

“And then there was the smell—the smell of hope, the kind of smell that brought people home.”

“Adolescence is like having only enough light to see the step directly in front of you, and no farther”

The Last of the Moon Girls- Barbara Davis

“We upset the balance, you see, because we walk our own path and live our own truth. It’s always been a rough road for those who live differently from the herd.”

“It was the first new moon of the new year, the sacred space between waxing and waning, between nothingness and becoming.”

Here’s Looking At You– Mhairi McFarlane

A Witch in Time– Constance Sayers

A Week in Winter– Maeve Binchy

“…it’s a good place to think. Out by that ocean, you feel smaller, less important, somehow; it puts things into proportion.”

On Dublin Street -Samantha Young

The Girl from Ballymor– Kathleen McGurl

Meet Cute– Helena Hunting

Beyond the Moon– Catherine Taylor

Where the Crawdads Sing– Delia Owens

Summer at the Cornish Cafe– Phillipa Ashley

The Witch’s Daughter– Paula Brackston

“City raised and book fed, intelligent and generous, yes, and yet malnourished when it came to a belief in the profound.”

The Bookshop on the Corner – Jenny Colgan

Matchmaking for Beginners– Maddie Dawson

“Sometimes you have to live alongside the things you don’t want, like cancer, and doing that helps you go deeper into life than you’ve ever gone before. If we all lived forever, I tell him, then life really wouldn’t have any meaning. So why not embrace it, prepare for it, love what is?”

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