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Kaitlin M.


Kaitlin M Sikes is a mother, pediatric nurse practitioner, and lifelong learner. She writes poetry and lyrical children’s books, both fiction and nonfiction.


She grew up on a small island in Florida and spent her free time writing stories, making potions, and cracking open coconuts to see what was inside.


As an adult, she was drawn to medical science and received her Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Florida. Having a family of her own reintroduced her to the wonders of nature.


She gravitates toward stories that illuminate the invisible tapestry woven between every rock, plant, animal, and human being. She enjoys writing for children and has a particular interest in reaching neurodiverse readers. She can usually be found in her backyard, listening for the whisper of inspiration, and inviting the wild edges in.

She is represented by Amy Thrall Flynn at Rubin Pfeffer Content.


I am a . . .


Story weaver

Light seeker

Magic keeper

Wild edge bringer

Snack giver

Boo-boo kisser

Moon watcher

Wonder hunter

2022 Kaitlin Sikes Headshot
Resurrection Fern on Live Oak
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