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2021- Our Favorite KidLit Nature Books

Originally Published 1/27/2021

I’m always on the hunt for good nature-based picture books. I thought I should compile a list of our favorite nature books. So many books feature animals, so I tried to stay away from books that were about an animal only. This list spans books from the 1970s to 2020 and I’m sure it will continue to grow!

Board Books

– Kitten’s First Full Moon- Kevin Henkes

– The Little Gardener-Jan Gerardi

– Animal Homes (Usborne)

– Littlest Family’s Big Day- Emily Winfield Martin

Picture Books

-Sophie’s Squash- Pat Zietlow Miller & Anne Wilsdorf

-I see a Kookaburra- Steve Jenkins & Robin Page

-Stuck- Oliver Jeffers

-Mama Built a little nest- Jennifer Ward & Steve Jenkins

-Because of an Acorn- Lola M. Schaefer & Adam Schaefer

-Water is Water- Miranda Paul & Jason Chin

-Mushroom Fan Club- Elise Gravel

-Tops and Bottoms- Janet Stevens

-Sand Cake- Frank Asch

-Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt- Kate Messner & Christopher Silas Neal

-Jack’s Garden- Henry Cole


-Water Sings Blue: Ocean Poems- Kate Coombs & Meilo So

-Butterfly eyes and other secrets of the meadow: Joyce Sidman & Beth Krommes


-Creaturepedia- Adrienne Barman (Ok this is really about animals but I HAD to include it because of the way the animals are grouped… It encourages out of the box thinking about the natural world. It’s a favorite in our house)

-DK Lifecycles: From Start to Finish – Sam Falconer

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